Alongside 49 other artists and designers, I was asked to contribute to the group show Wu-Tang
Is For The Children, celebrating the 21st anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan's venerated debut album
Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

I chose to focus on GZA's track Labels from his debut solo album Liquid Swords. In its time,
it was a fierce and intricate track raging against record companies big and small. Twenty years
since its release, the music business has changed drastically, music is now just a click away in
a digital-first, subscription-based, streaming industry. Of the 41 labels GZA mentions, fifteen
are defunct and only four still operate independently. Labels now serves as an important artefact
to remind us just how much time has changed.

Wu-Tang Is For The Children ran from March 6th-14th 2014 at the LondonNewcastle Project Space